The Book of Memory

The Book of Memory is an elegant way to recognize several hundred to several thousand donors in a limited space. Each solid brass page of the book can feature a group of names or a tribute to an individual contributor. The bronze cover of the Book of Memory can be engraved with a logo, photograph or custom letter style.

The Donor Tower

The Donor Tower enables you to show your appreciation in an elegant and timeless manor. We will design a tower suitable to your needs. Cast bronze, engraved brass, and grey Corian logos are available. Individual brass nameplates, engraved plaques, hand cut Corian letters, and engraved Corian plaques are available. The Corian is suitable for outdoor use.

The Growing Tree

The Growing Tree is our signature donor recognition display. Designed to be expanded by adding on sections of leaves, this tree starts with 100 leaves and grows to 200 leaves, 300 leaves, or more.

Individual leaves are mounted on clear acrylic panels, making installation easy. The trunk and branches are cast in bronze, or can be carved in wood with your choice of stain. Many of our tree accessories were created to coordinate with this design.

The Recognition Tree

The “Recognition Tree” gives special recognition to every contributor. Each metal leaf is mounted on its own plexiglass leaf, which is then mounted to the display surface. Individually accented leaves create a one of a kind donor wall.

Donor Recognition

Whether it’s a capital campaign for a school expansion or a public appeal for a new museum, donors want to be recognized, appreciated and challenged. At Bronze Memorial Company, we support your fundraising efforts with a complete line of quality donor recognition products. Our professional sales and design team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We want to be your fundraising partner. With over twenty-five years of experience assisting hundreds of organizations, we understand the challenges involved in raising funds and the value of donor recognition programs.

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